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Research themes

Chemical engineering applied to new (blue sky) ideas to tackle problems of modern world

  • Drug formulation and drug delivery systems
  • Development of materials with added value
  • Bio-inspired solutions to various socio-environmental problems.
  • Micro- and nanorobots – small gel, droplet, cell-like robots with tuned artificial function
  • Miniaturization in chemical engineering as a new strategy in production of high-value chemicals and disease diagnostics
  • Green energy storage systems

Research in traditional chemical-engineering disciplines for sustainability

  • Mass transfer in separation processes (distillation, absorption, extraction)
  • Polymer reaction engineering
  • Catalyst reactors
  • Biotechnological processes
  • Flotation
  • Membrane separation

Examples of Diploma Theses

  • Screening and synthesis of new crystal forms of active pharmaceutical ingredients
  • Theoretic study of electrochemical processes in nanostructured electrodes
  • Synthesis of optically active compounds using comercially available enzymes in microscale
  • Navigation of chemically reactive objects in 2D environment
  • Modeling of dynamic transport in 3D reconstructed hollow fiber
  • Determination of hydraulic and mass transfer characteristics of random packing NeXRing
  • Separation of products of enzyme reactions in modules for microdialysis
  • Experimental study of bubble behaviour in the laboratory column
  • Continuous preparation of nanoparticles using microfluidics
  • Preparation of the giant liposomes for the visualisation of transmembrane processes
  • Effect of the milling process on the formation of drug cocrystals

Research groups

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Anna Vaněčková

Dean’s Office FCHE
UCT Prague
Technická 3
160 28 Prague 6
Czech Republic

+420 220 443 895


UCT Prague
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