Mathematical modelling of processes in chemical engineering

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Written part: Two open textbook tests (Test I and Test II) focussing on practical skills of problem solving will be given at seminars during the semester. Resitting both tests will be possible during the examination period. Please note, that only one or two resits will be organized during the examination period.

Maximum score from each test is 50 points, i.e., maximum score from the written part is 100 points. In order to pass the written part and proceed to the oral exam, it is necessary to obtain at least 20 points from each test and the sum of both tests must be 50 or more points. (When resitting a particular test, its result can be only improved, meaning that test result is disregarded if it is worse than the result achieved before).

The course material is divided into Tests I and II according to the type of equations obtained by model derivation:

  • Test I: algebraic equations, initial value problem ordinary differential equations (AE/ODE)
  • Test II: differential-algebraic equations, partial differential equations and boundary value problem ordinary differential equations spatially discretized using the finite volume method (DAE/PDE)

Oral exam: Conditions for passing the written part must be met before attempting the exam. Student is asked to answer two questions selected from the list of topics. Maximum score from the exam is 100 points (50 from each question). At least 20 points from each question must be obtained to pass the exam.

Marking: The total score will be the sum of both tests and oral exam; mark for the course will be allocated as follows:

Total score Mark
less then 100 F
100-119 E
120-139 D
140-159 C
160-179 B
180-200 A