Study materials

for the  course Bioengineering Metods

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I. Lectures

  • Homogeneous enzyme reactors (PDF)
  • Immobilized enzymes (PDF)
  • Batch bioreactors (PDF)
  • Batch bioreactors - structured models (PDF)
  • Continuous bioreactors - chemostats (PDF)
  • Fed-batch bioreactors (PDF)
  • Immobilized cells (PDF)

II. Problems for practical calculations  (PDF)

III. Solved problems (using program Maple)

  • Problem P1.1 (PDF)
  • Problem P1.2 (PDF)
  • Problem P2.1 (PDF)
  • Problem P2.2 (PDF)
  • Problem P2.3 (PDF)
  • Problem P2.4 (PDF)
  • Problem P3.1 (PDF)
  • Problem P4.1 (PDF)
  • Problem P4.2 (PDF)
  • Problem P4.3 (PDF)

IV. Supporting materials

  • Enzymes, kinetics, immobilization (PDF)
  • Growth in batch and continuous bioreactors (PDF)
  • Stoichiometry of growth (PDF)
  • Modification of basic types of bioreactors (PDF)
  • Structured models of growth (PDF)