Laboratory Course in Unit Operations

Because of the reconstruction, the entrance to the laboratories is different from the previous years - building A, opposite Bufan down the stairs and left, door number S 69 through the courtyard to the brown door.


Due to the ongoing reconstruction there is less space in the lab, so we ask that you put all the items in the cabinets in the corridor before entering the courtyard.

Laboratory course begins at 8:30 am and lasts 7 weeks, please see course description, rules and grading.

Please check your working group and check the materials for the task you are assigned to do.

Schedule of the tasks for winter semester 2018/19 (PDF), updated 1.11.2018

II. turnus (8. – 14. week)

Shift VII, Wednesday morning 8:30-13:00




(PDF version)

Supplemental materials

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