Laboratory Course in Unit Operations

Building A, basement (opposite Bufan downstairs), door number AS76


Course schedule starts Wednesday November 8th or Thursday November 9th. Laboratory course begins at 8:30 am and lasts 7 weeks, please see course description, rules and grading.

Students assigned to Wednesday's shift have another courses on Thursday. All other students according to my information have no other courses on Thursday's and therefore are assigned to Thursday's shift. Please make a three member group and let me know (

Please check your working group and check the materials for the task you are assigned to do.

Schedule of the tasks for winter semester 2017/18 (PDF), updated 1.11.2017

II. turnus (8. – 14. week)

Shift VII, Wednesday morning 8:30-13:00

Shift IX, Thursday morning 8:30-13:00



(PDF version)

Supplemental materials

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