Laboratory Course in Unit Operations

Building A, basement (opposite Bufan downstairs), door number AS76


Course schedule starts Wednesday November 8th or Thursday November 9th. Laboratory course begins at 8:30 am and lasts 7 weeks, please see course description, rules and grading.

Students are assigned to Wednesday's or Thursday's shift according to alphabet, at the moment. Please make a three (once two) member group and let me know ( which day you would like to attend. Attention!!! In Wednesday's shift is limited number of places - only 5 persons.

Please check your working group and check the materials for the task you are assigned to do.

Schedule of the tasks for winter semester 2017/18 (PDF) will be available beginning of November, updated 5.9.2017

II. turnus (8. – 14. week)

Shift VII, Wednesday morning 8:30-13:00

Shift IX, Thursday morning 8:30-13:00



(PDF version)

Supplemental materials

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